VivoCon Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
About Us

About Vivocon

Vivocon Technologies is a pioneering company that focuses on converting the disruptive lab scale technologies into commercial products with high socio-economic impact. Along with our inhouse R&D capabilities, we collaborate with start-ups from esteemed institutes like IITs (Indian Institutes of Technology) and NIPERs (National Institutes of Pharmaceutical Education and Research). With a strong focus on scaling up manufacturing and reducing production costs, Vivocon provides comprehensive solutions to propel these budding ventures to success. Moreover, Vivocon extends its support to facilitate sales and distribution through concept selling and personalized strategies, ensuring the market adoption of the start-ups' groundbreaking products and services..

Our Product

Empowering Health through Mobilab and Smart iV Innovations

The Multi-Diagnostic Device ‘Mobilab’, is capable of analyzing more than 25 parameters for diagnosis of Kidney, Liver, Pancreas, Heart problems, etc...... Know More
Infusion with Intelligence Smart iV, Features, Live Monitoring etc.... Know More

Why Partner with Vivocon

If you are a start-up raring to hit the market with a disruptive product, we get it !
Here are some compelling reasons why you can partner with us.


Expertise and Experience

Vivocon boasts a team of seasoned professionals with extensive experience in various industries, from manufacturing and production to sales and distribution.

Access to Resources

Vivocon has access to state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, cutting-edge technologies, and established distribution channels, significantly reducing the time and effort required for commercialization.

Network and Connections

Vivocon has built a robust network of industry partners, investors, and mentors..

Market Success

With a focus on concept selling and market adoption, Vivocon can navigate the market entry and establish a strong foothold, increasing their chances of long-term success.